ITS Group

Originally established in 1995, I.T.S Group focused principally on structuring iconic educational institutions under the name “I.T.S – The Education Group”. I.T.S Group was founded by Dr. R. P. Chadha [Chairman] and is one of the leading Educational Group of Northern India. Dr. Chadha, a reputed personality of Medical and Education Industry believes in the vision “That education empowers an individual and making incessant endeavor to create learning processes in response to changing technical paradigms”. In the present day I.T.S Group is reaching more that 50 thousand lives every single day and nurtures them to be a superior national asset.

I.T.S being a part of education sector for over 20 years and being one of the most renowned names in education sector has empowered courses across multiple domains, from Engineering, Dental, Pharmacy, Management, Biotechnology, Physiotherapy and Information Technology with more than 8000+ students in over 8 campuses with 10000+ alumni. At I.T.S we benchmark against the best institutions around the world. Our faculty and senior team travel all over the globe to learn and imbibe the best practices from all around so that we can bestow a rock-solid foundation for learning and practices.

Later Dr. Chadha diversifies the group from Education to Healthcare by setting up 2 state-of-the-art infrastructure General hospitals & Dental Hospitals. Whilst working on dental Hospitals, Dr. Chadha recognized massive scope to reach out to common people in rural areas where dental health care was unavailable. He started his mission by seeding I.T.S Dental Clinics across Delhi NCR. I.T.S Dental Clinics did not only spread its arms in Rural Dental Development but the group took pride in setting up India’s first Dental Clinic within detention center to help those being ignored within the society. Expanding the healthcare initiative to the next level, I.T.S group is coming soon with Naturopathy Center to curate the heritage of Ayurveda and Science.

Taking into consideration the pain and hardship of a underprivileged human, Dr. Chadha established Chadha Charitable Trust in year 2010 with the motive to aid needy and make them self dependable in all forms of life. Under the banner of Chadha Charitable Trust, Dr. Chadha started Chadha Public School. The building of the school is earthquake proof with all the possible facilities for students inside the campus.

Later, Dr. Chadha initiated the idea to create a hostel for destitute girls who couldn’t afford basic necessities and coined it as YashodaVatika. Today, YashodaVatika is a loving home for the destitute and unaided girls, providing them the basic amenities like food, clothing and healthcare. Other than these there is a huge list of philanthropic initiatives taken by Dr. Chadha and I.T.S Group; to name few is Parivartan, Utthan, NayaMitra Charitable Clinics, etc.

For over 20 years, Dr. R.P. Chadha has ensured advanced quality of Education & Health since the day of I.T.S establishment. I.T.S has focused majorly on “Quality” and not on “Quantity”. The group under the leadership of Mr. Chadha till today has and is creating leaders in every field from the most unfortunate sections of the society.