Dr. RP Chadha
ITS Group

Sh. Sohil Chadha
Vice Chairman
ITS Group

Sh. Arpit Chadha
Vice Chairman
ITS Group

Sh. BK Arora
ITS Group

Mission & Vision

I.TS treats millions of patients, conducts various research projects and educates thousands of tomorrow’s medical professionals as well as under privilege every year therefore we strive to continue serving the society with the same today and for ages.


Our vision is to craft the future of health care through research and discovery and to become the national frontrunner in Education, Hospitals, Dental Hospitals, Naturopathy, Dental Clinics, School and Pharmacy.

Core Values: The group stands on certain pillars of core value which are

Integrity: We operate in an Honest, Trustworthy and Transparent manner.

Commitment: We strongly believe in words of commitments which actually lead towards achieving our mandate.

Leadership: We consider in taking bigger steps with risks to take lead and make chiseled leaders across.

Accountability: I.T. S’s all time performance makes it accountable, responsible and answerable to our customers and other stakeholders.

Diversity: The diversity of I.T.S community is its strength that brings out new ideas and researches on table.

Quality: Quality over quantity matters for us that makes I.T.S unique and outstanding.

Professionalism: We believe inexcellent skills, good judgement and behavior as expected in the education industry.